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  • Decentralization: The holy grail. Our main goal is to help companies on their quest to decentralization by providing tools, promoting the belief, and decentralizing ourselves progressively. No one should have a decisive control over systems ruling essential parts of our life. The current decentralized governance systems help whales accumulate voting rights, thus centralizing the power. We believe fighting against concentrations of power is the best way to reduce inequalities.
  • Fair Valuation: rampant speculation is the biggest enemy of mainstream adoption, stability and qualitative development. The development team deserve to benefit from their hard work and the community has the right to know how much their government tokens are truly worth. By fighting against information asymmetry, we aim to give the market a fairer valuation of the protocols.
  • Trustleness: anyone should have a say in the future of the systems he uses or that affects him, whichever he may be or whatever he believes, from 0xAnon to Rousseau; while preventing from compromising the integrity of the protocol.

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