Why Constellation ?

Governance is hard. The fact that we can’t correctly govern nations that have existed for centuries, even millennia for some, speaks for itself.

Traditional democratic governance suffers form voter’s apathy, slow consensus and misaligned intentions. These problems haven’t been solved and protocols intending to build on chain governance will be affected by them.

But on chain governance also adds new problems to the equation :

  • Current liquidity programs rewards whales and helps them accumulate voting power;
  • Governance tokens haven’t justified their value yet (you do not legally own part of the protocol, so what justifies their value?);
  • Unknown regulation that might impact holders, a protocol’s value, and legal struggles linked to new governance models;
  • A Misunderstanding of the protocol’s governance process Constellation is a hope to try and fix some of these issues

Why begin on Ethereum ?

We are not maximalist, every on-chain governance will eventually benefit from the tools we are currently developing.

Beginning to work on Ethereum is simply easier for us. The userbase is larger, protocols enable composability often by default and the community is currently soul searching its governance modus operandi.

What kind of products and timeframe can we expect from the development team?

Our goal is to create tools, communities, medias, partnerships and funds helping financial protocols reach a more effective on-chain governance.

The first of which will be a community for Uniswap holders, followed by one for Aave holders.

This will be followed by the creation of our Delegation Program and the release of our first tool, aiming to help holders of multiple token vote more efficiently.


Activity Timeline

Constellation Launch & Grant Campaign
Q4 2020
Uniswap community launch
Dec. 2020
Aave community launch
Jan. 2021
Launch of our Delegation Program
Fev. 2021
Launch of our first governance tool
Q2 2021
Beginning of our decentralization
Q2 2021

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